SVN – ignore files or directories

Navigate to the svn directory in command line, then enter the below command: # svn propedit svn:ignore . A text editor should be launched with no content. Enter file(s) you wish to ignore, for example: config.* readme.txt Note that this is a per directory setting. Reference: […] continue reading »

AppMobi + TestFlight

Download the zip file after a successful iOS ad hoc build Extract the .app folder out of the zip file Create a new folder, “Payload” (case sensitive) Copy the .app folder into the Payload folder Zip the Payload folder Rename the file to Payload.ipa Upload Payload.ipa to testflight Reference: […] continue reading »

Facebook 應用開發小抄: Add App to Pages

如果只是要讓user加 app 到他的個人 profile tab, 只需要 <fb:add-profile-tab> 就可以了。但若要讓人加到粉絲頁的話呢? 一個URL搞定:[Your App Key]&pages 若要指定預選某粉絲頁:[Your App Key]&pages=1&page=[Page ID] Reference: Facebook JavaScript SDK 更新 2012-01-07: […] continue reading »